We produce extra virgin olive oil respecting the age old tradition of our forefathers, by harvesting the olives by hand. This is done in harmony with the rhythms of nature, using sustainable methods of organic agriculture.

The olive groves and plants of Azienda Agricola Bonanno Domenico were born and continue to thrive on ancient land that awakens in each of us a sense of deep respect and gratitude for its product.

We are located in Campobello di Mazara, in the province of Trapani, a few kilometers from the coast. We proudly operate a fourth generation, family owned property, sustainably cultivating Nocellara del Belice olives, one of the 7 cultivars of the varietal heritage of the Region of Sicily, since 1860.

Over 30% of our groves are located in a Controlled Designation of Origin territory, counting 20,000 olive trees to date, many of which are century-old specimens.




Food is an expression of culture found on our tables.

Our goal is to safeguard the authenticity of our territory whose millennial history lives deeply-rooted in the stones of Greek temples; a territory we feel we are the custodians of today, but is a true heritage belonging to each of us.

Sicily is a unique agricultural treasure in the world, rich in inebriating fragrances and dazzling colors. We have a responsibility to bring this treasure forth by continuing to make its story known through words and experienced using our five senses.

We respect our ancient agricultural traditions and reconcile them with the use of innovative processing methods. This is why we cultivate raw materials according to the natural criteria of organic agriculture, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

So when you open a bottle of our oil or a jar of our jam, you encounter the essence of Sicily with its genuine and pure flavors, just as mother earth intended.

The harvest is carried out exclusively by hand, following the seasonality and the degree of ripeness of the olives.

The transformation follows the natural method, without the use of chemical products for the conservation of the product.

The oil extraction technique is guaranteed by only mechanical processes of cold pressing, unique in preserving the excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties of our product.


The properties of Azienda Agricola Bonanno Domenico extend over an area of about 16 km. The plots are swept by a gentle sea breeze and are located 3 to 8 km away from the sea (see photo).

The olive groves are systematically irrigated with an underground sprinkler system extending from plant to plant with each sprinkler protruding onto the collar of the plant, allowing for a greater expansion onto the soil (see photo).

Some olive groves are interspersed with rows of pomegranate, other rows with a few hectares of autochthonous Sicilian grape varieties (vineyards): Grillo and Catarratto for white grapes, Nero d’Avola for black grapes (see photo).

Among the typical Sicilian vegetation are agaves, maritime pines and prickly pear plants. Some asparagus crops are also grown on the property.

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