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The versatility of Nocellara olives is unique. It is ideal for the production of extra virgin olive oil, as an appetizer and as a dressing on salads and sauces for first and second course meals.

This olive has the perfect ratio between pulp and stone and the ease with which it comes off makes it a delectable bite for any appetizer.

Nocellara del Belice BONANNO olives are treated with only natural procedures and retain a pleasantly sweet and sour flavor with a subtle hint of bitterness.


Along with its the traditional production of green and black olive patés, Azienda Agricola Bonanno Domenico adds a wide variety of creams, while respecting the most rigorous traditions of Sicilian cuisine.

These are ancient recipes that add flavor to the most traditional dishes making even the simplest first courses unique in a short amount of time.


Authentically Sicilian fruit compotes: orange, mandarin and lemon are the perfect completion to the savory basket of BONANNO products.

Jams are recommended as a filling for sweets, savored directly from a spoon, or in combination with aged cheeses.

There is no shortage of Sicilian wine jellies, a true gem of the BONANNO sweet products, interspersing the plots of the olive grove with rows of native cultivars including Nero d’Avola, Marsala and Zibibbo.

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